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Date: 21st September 2016
Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament
Carbon Fiber 3D printer filamentProduct DescriptionIf ABS is not environment friendly, if PLA is not hard enough, if CPLA can?t be processed, if wooden one is not strong enough, if ... then carbon fiber 3D printing material is your best choice, our carbon filament combine with bamboo which makes it the most lightest, strongest, hardness and low contractility, it's widely used in autos, aerospace, electronics, sport equipment etc.Product Features1. Fast dry, Printing thickness is about 0.1-0.4mm;2. Higher intensity and tenacity compared with some common materials,?? ?prints can satisfy most of your requirement;3. Length-diameter of Chopped carbon fiber is more than PLA?s, so that? ?this item has more excellent intensity and tenacity, besides, PET alloy?? ?is superior to PLA, combine with those two materials, its property reach? ?a new height;4. Appropriate adhesion, can be stick to glass plate etc., also can easily?? ?remove from support. act on application even the filament is exposed in?? ?the air within two months.Specification:Diameter:1.75mmTolerance:?0.03mm MFR:9-12g/10min ??Stretch Modulus: 40 MpaElongation:6%Impact Strength:15KJ/m2?Contractility:0.1%Heat Deflection Temperature:58?Melting Point:160-170?Printing Temperature:200-220?Printing PlatformTemperature:50-80?
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